My friends were making fun of me I was just kinda like walk around the house for a while just for flipping this plastic knife. x

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Women dressed as mermaids in Disneyland 1960

HOLLERS NO U DON’T UNDERSTAND!!!! Disney hired teenagers in the 60’s to literally be mermaids they held open auditions and the only requirements were that you had long hair and were a strong swimmer and they gave them mirrors and other props and they literally spent their days swimming and waving I heard a story once about sailors visiting the park and one of them jumped in with the mermaids THIS WAS JUST„ SO COOL I WANT TO BE A MERMAID! YELLs

I know someone whose Mom was one of the mermaids, it’s all very cool.

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Come and Get Your Love - Redbone

Redbone // Come and Get Your Love

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Comic Book Meme - Marvel edition: [1/5] Favourite Relationships
Bucky Barnes & Natasha Romanoff

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for anonymous who requested sam, steve and natasha 

May it be your light in the darkness; when all other lights go out.

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Step inside and experience environments from around the world.

Read more in BEYOND BY LEXUS.

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DESIGN: The Future of Makeup Has Arrived

Using incredibly precise light projectors, Nobumichi Asai has demonstrated how a person’s face can be digitally altered in real-time.

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